Saturday, August 28, 2010

More New Paintings

Misty in Black, 8x10"

Cassie (from life), 10x8"

Vera in Black Leather, 10x8"
Vera in Black Leather was the last painting I've done from a photo in several weeks. I think I got too formulaic and posterized the colors too much; the blues are too light and bright. The other two, from life, were more fun to paint although there's always a rougher look to the life paintings due to the short painting time (around 2 1/2 hrs).


  1. I think you do great with both life and from photos. I couldn't tell the difference, and that's a big compliment to you because I can usually tell if a painting is photo dependant.
    Anyways, wonderful wonderful expressions you got on the faces. You're really putting it across. Love the colors too.

  2. I think your portraits look GREAT. Love the colors! You got the gesture just right too.