Saturday, August 6, 2011

Painting All Summer!

It's been a summer of slow but steady growth in painting. I'll post a small selection of my favorites from this summer. I'm still trying different surfaces, brushes, sizes and colors. It seems too soon to settle on a formula for my work yet although someday that might be nice. I've been mixing it up, drawing in graphite and charcoal and watercoloring too, to see if it shakes something loose in my brain. I know you artists will know what I mean!

Gothic Girl #1 SOLD

On the Veranda SOLD

Laura as a Fairy SOLD

Arnica #2 SOLD

Girl in a Turban available on Ebay (search my name)

The Direct Gaze SOLD

I've put a few auctions up on

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nine New 4x4" Oil Portraits

I think these are getting better and better for the most part--more contrast and better likenesses. Still am not where I want to be consistently!