Saturday, August 28, 2010

More New Paintings

Misty in Black, 8x10"

Cassie (from life), 10x8"

Vera in Black Leather, 10x8"
Vera in Black Leather was the last painting I've done from a photo in several weeks. I think I got too formulaic and posterized the colors too much; the blues are too light and bright. The other two, from life, were more fun to paint although there's always a rougher look to the life paintings due to the short painting time (around 2 1/2 hrs).

5x7" Oil Paintings

Vera in a Red Sequinned Dress, 5x7"

Kristen in a Purple Hat, 5x7"

Laura as a Clown, 5x7"
These were gridded in pencil, then painted. For me this is a tedious process but does help in getting a facial likeness, which is important to me, since I know all the models and consider them friends...

Recent Figure Paintings

Abby, 5x5"

Waverly, 4x6"

Stephanie C (from life) 8x10"

Girl with Pink Hair 6x8"
It's been a schizophrenic painting summer for me with lots of ups and downs. Started with large swimmers, went to faces from life, then gridded small oils from photos. Had to take a break when my shoulder blade began to hurt from so much painting! Now after a break I'm into sessions with live models again. Such is life for me! No consistency but lots of passion.