Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oil Painting: Girl in a Bathtub

This is of the same model as the Girl on White Sheets. Another painter and I hired her for a photo shoot in my house. Size is 8x10" I'm trying to paint with an economy of means (few brushstrokes and details) and emphasize the elements (usually light and color) that give a "feeling" component. Is that Impressionism?


  1. Very gorgeous work... it's often better when we work with only in one go. I like the light and the colors and the lascivious stay of this woman.

  2. Thanks, yes--even when I have to do it in more than one go I try to make it look "alla prima". Where do you live in France? Paris? Who are your favorite artists of the past? Mine : DEGAS, Toulouse-Lautrec, Sargent, Velasquez....

  3. Melissa,
    The girl in the bathtub such a beautiful picture, would it be for sale? Your painting is amazing, I'd like to get a couple of piece. thanks for sharing. I have seen several on ebay.

  4. Thanks! This one is sold but there are more bathtub ones that I want to paint in the future. I'll post them when I do them, cheers!