Sunday, November 24, 2019

New Large Paintings from life

These are from about July-Nov. 2019 and most are on unstretched sheets of primed canvas. Top image of older man is 36x24. 2nd image, Girl with Green Hair, is also 36x24. Bass Guitarist is on heavy gessoed chipboard and is approx. 22x30. Reclining Asian Nude is huge: 60x30. Viking with Club #1 is 30x40. Viking #2 (side view) is 36x24. Seated Nude, Legs Crossed is 40x30. Girl in Black Top is 24x36". Shipping for all but the Guitarist is around $30 via UPS in the USA. They will need to be restretched or mounted at a frame shop. I can research shipping of Guitarist...

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